Please read below for instructions on how to use this website.

If you would like to place an ad for a pet that you have lost or found, you might take a few minutes and look through the ads already on the site. If you’ve lost a pet, you might see that someone else has already found it and posted it on the site!

If you need to place an ad, click on “submit a pet” in the sidebar or in the top menu.

You’ll come to a screen where you can compose your ad.

Fill out the title of your ad. It’s good to put your pet’s breed, sex and some identifying item in the title. For example, “Lost dog” is not very descriptive. “Neutered male chocolate lab with red collar” is a lot more helpful.

Click on “set featured image” to upload a photo of your pet. Photos REALLY help, so be sure to add a photo if you have one!

then you can write a description. Please include information about any identifying features of the pet, what his/her name is, if she is shy or scared, where you last saw her. Also, be SURE to include your contact information so if someone finds the pet, they can reach you.

Next, choose categories for your listing. If you have a lost male chocolate lab, you would choose the categories “lab,” “male,” and “lost pets.”

Choose how long you’d like the ad to run. You can always return and delete the ad if your pet is found.

Leave the “cost” field blank; there is no charge for lost/found ads.

click on “save changes.”



This site exists to help people find their lost pets and to help those who have found stray animals to reunite them with their owners. Individuals are welcome to post here, as are shelters and rescue groups who have pets they think may belong to someone. This site is free to use.